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The BS in Workforce Development is an online bachelor's degree completion program designed for busy working adults seeking a flexible and convenient way to finish their degree. Students who have completed an associate's degree can complete this 60-hour degree program to earn their Bachelor of Science degree. This program offers two areas of emphasis to choose from, Supervision and Leadership and Human Resources.



  • Total per credit hour


  • Credit hours
  • Total tuition = $17,880*
    ( $262 per credit hour + $36 electronic access fee) x 60 credits
    *Cost per credit hour and total tuition is based on 2018-2019 academic year tuition rates and assuming all coursework is completed online in the 2018-2019 academic year. Cost per credit hour and total tuition will vary if studies span over one or more academic year.

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The courses required in this program are sequenced over three years with a maximum of three courses (9 credit hours) offered each fall and spring semesters and two courses (6 credit hours) in the summer. Being enrolled for nine hours allows for financial assistance but as a part-time student. This is not a program for students who need to be enrolled as full-time students. Students who enroll in additional courses or who do not consistently enroll, may find some semesters that they will not have a full course load. It is important to remember that by following the sequence, students will know that they will be able to complete the program with the least amount of problems.

Program Outline for Leadership

Summer 2017 EST 630: Safety Management
TM 679: Presentation Skills
Fall 2017 TM 606: Industrial Supervision
MFGET 405: Quality Control
MGMKT 330: Basic Marketing
Spring 2018 TM 500: Industrial Org. & Tech. Management
COMM 629: Theories of Communication
TM 399 Tech. Mgt Professional Development
Summer 2018 TM 350: Societal Influence of Tech
TM 699: Senior Assessment in Tech Mgt.
Fall 2018 TM 500: Industrial Org. & Tech. Management
COMM 629: Theories of Communication
TM 399: Tech. Mgt Professional Development
Spring 2019 MGMKT 327: Org. Theory & Behavior
SOC 360: Community Sociology
EST 393: Intro to Industrial Safety
Summer 2019 TM 501: Work Measurement & Efficiency
PSYCH 575: Industrial and Org. Psychology
Fall 2019 JUST 223: Basic Interviewing/ OR Phil 105
MGMKT 444: Legal & Social Env. of Business
MFGET 405: Quality Control
  • Entry-level managerial/supervising roles
  • Industry Human Resource Development position
  • Entry-level Human Resource Development position

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