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The Master of Science in Human Resource Development program is designed to provide preparation for individuals involved in employee training, human resources, performance improvement, and organizational development in business and industry. Our program targets a competency based application oriented learning experience. Students who complete our 34 credit hour MS HRD program are equipped with the tools, models and strategies for improving organizational performance through people and processes.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has confirmed that the curriculum for this program is aligned with the recommended requirements for HR Degree programs as outlined in the SHMR HR Curriculum Guidebook. Being aligned to SHRM's core curriculum means that students can use these courses as acquired knowledge for the SHRM Certified Professional exam. Additionally we are a SHRM Certified Preferred Provider, which allows students to earn continuing education credits towards on-going recertification.

The HRD degree program is only offered as an online degree program. This 34-hour program is sequenced so students enroll in six hours (two courses) each semester. The online courses provide a variety of resources including online chats, video presentations, discussion groups, and readings from a number of different sources. Students also have the opportunity to earn certification as a certified DISC Communication Consultant.

Students enrolled in six hours a semester are considered part-time students and may be eligible for financial aid assistance. These students will also be eligible for instate tuition and will pay the hourly rate. For current tuition and fees visit:

Students begin their course work by taking a one-hour introductory course, HRD 850 Graduate Study in HRD. This course is designed to assist students with becoming familiar with our online learning management system and graduate school expectations. HRD 892 Research Writing for Professionals. All students are expected to complete a final project that is given live for the program faculty using the online learning management system. This Research Writing course will provide students with the tools and experience to be successful in writing their final project for presentation.

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  • Career Options

Options available for the degree include:

  • Option I: Thesis
            This option is designed to prepare students for a doctoral program, for advanced professional careers, or for students wanting to complete an in-depth research experience.
  • Option II: Research Problem
            This option is designed to provide a research experience that can include a specific problem, creative and aesthetic efforts such as performances, exhibits, or creative programs, or an internship.

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Training and Development Manager

About Technology and Workforce Learning Department

The Department of Technology and Workforce Learning includes several undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Programs of study include two-year associate and certificate programs as well as several undergraduate degree programs in the Electrical Technology, Workforce Development, Vocational Teacher Education, Technology and Engineering Education, and Wood Technology.  Graduate programs in Career and Technical Education, Technology, and Human Resource Development are also available.  In addition, one post-graduate program in Workforce Development and Education (Ed.S) is also available.

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