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The Master of Science in Teaching with an emphasis in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is designed to prepare both licensed and non-licensed teachers to work with English Language Learners in a variety of educational settings in the United States and internationally. Licensed teachers who successfully complete the ESOL endorsement courses and earn a passing score on the ESOL Praxis™ examination can earn a Pre-K through Grade 12 endorsement to the teaching license no matter the grade level of the initial license. 

Candidates do not have to know another language in order to be successful in this certificate program. The purpose of the program is to support candidates as they learn how to develop and differentiate curriculum, teach English while teaching the academic content, assess learning, and provide support for families. English speakers with an ESOL certificate are highly sought after by international English Language Institutions.

This program is accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education and CAEP and meets DESE requirements for the state of Missouri.

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  • Total tuition = $12,342*
    *Cost per credit hour and total tuition is based on 2022-2023 academic year tuition rates , master's program option, and assuming all coursework is completed online in the 2022-2023 academic year. Cost per credit hour and total tuition will vary if studies span over one or more academic year.

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The Master of Science in Teaching with ESOL (TESOL) at PSU requires 33 graduate credit hours (11 courses total, including six ESOL courses and five core curriculum courses). All program courses are offered online. Students may choose to take the six ESOL courses first, earn the ESOL Endorsement teaching certificate, and then complete the five remaining core classes in order to complete the Master’s program. 

Below are the six graduate ESOL courses (required for the endorsement) with the semesters offered:

  • TCHL 851 Multicultural Approaches to Diversity in the Classroom Summer (June)
  • TCHL 852 Advanced Culture and Language Acquisition for ELLs  Summer (July)
  • TCHL 853 Advanced Assessment and the English Language Learner Spring
  • TCHL 854 Advanced Methods and Instructional Materials for ELLs Fall
  • ENGL 714 Applied Linguistics for English for Speakers of Other Languages Summer (June)
  • TCHL 855 Advanced Practicum with ELLs Fall *
    (* taken last; TCHL 854 can be a co-requisite, the rest are pre-requisites)

ESOL teaching is identified in Kansas, nationally and internationally as a high need field. Graduates with this graduate degree can be employed in a variety of settings:

  • Pre-school, Elementary, Middle level, or Secondary ESOL teacher in a Kansas public school (teaching license required)
  • English Language Institutions in the US or Internationally
  • Pre K-12 ESOL program teacher in a Kansas public school (teaching license required)
  • Adult Education ESOL teacher
  • Community College or University Intensive English instructor

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