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Certificate Online

The Graduate Certificate in School Library program is an 18 hour non-degree and non-licensure program designed to certify that participants have specialized knowledge and skills in administering the school library from Pre-School through Grade 12. All of the courses may be applied to the Masters Degree in Educational Technology with an Emphasis in Library Media.

Undergraduate students may begin the Certificate program in their final semester with approval from their advisor and the School Library Advisor.

Required Courses

Students may enter the program in the Spring Semester Only.

Spring Semester

EDTH 735

Information retrieval and Transfer

Google?3 Credit Hours

READ 834

Advanced Children's and Young Adult Literature

3 Credit Hours

Summer Semester

EDTH 825

Administration of Instructional Systems

3 Credit Hours

EDTH 838

Ed Tech Curriculum

3 Credit Hours


Fall Semester

EDTH 737

Cataloging & Classification

3 Credit Hours

EDTH 868

Ed Tech Apps

3 Credit Hours


Admission Requirements

  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor's degree or be in their final semester of a PSU undergraduate program.
  • Undergraduate degree; 3.0 GPA or admitted with condition

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The faculty in the Early Childhood Unified program come from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Department of Teaching and Leadership. They also serve as academic advisors for the program.

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