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Pittsburg State University's Master of Science in Educational Leadership program is designed to prepare licensed teachers to assume positions as school principals and non-licensed leaders to assume leadership roles in educational settings. Through a combination of curricula, assessments, intervention, clinical experiences, research, and practice, graduates become outstanding professional leaders who serve students, families, and their community. The curriculum meets the endorsement standards for Building Principal PreK-12. This program is fully accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education and CAEP.

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Options available for the degree include:

    Option I: Thesis
        This option is designed to prepare students for a doctoral program, for advanced professional careers, or for students wanting to complete an in-depth research experience.

    Option II: Research Problem
        This option is designed to provide a research experience that can include a specific problem, creative and aesthetic efforts such as performances, exhibits, or creative programs, or an internship.


The coursework for this program includes 36 graduate credit hours that are offered in both the fall and spring semesters and may be taken online or in-class. Most students take 2 courses per semester for 2 years to complete the program. Courses are taught by professors with experience as building leaders and/or superintendents. Topics and course assignments are all relevant to the changing climate and expectations of leaders in today’s society.


As a graduate of this program, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need in order to work in the following roles, and more:

  • Building Principal at the Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and/or Secondary Education levels
  • Leader/Director/Coordinator for a variety of student programs for Higher Education, Community Colleges, and/or Technical Schools
  • EdS student in General School Administration (master’s-level preparation)
  • Doctoral student in Educational Leadership (master’s-level preparation)

About Teaching and Leadership Department

Whether you are beginning your career with a Bachelor of Science in Education or want to grow professionally with a Masters Degree or Educational Specialist, we believe this is the place for you! With accredited programs, campus, online and hybrid classes, caring faculty and staff to guide you, you can begin or continue your journey toward a rewarding life in the field of Education and Leadership.

The faculty in the Early Childhood Unified program come from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Department of Teaching and Leadership. They also serve as academic advisors for the program.

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