Political Science and Pre-Law Programs

The Political Science major is an excellent liberal arts background for students preparing for careers in which critical thinking and writing skills as well as an understand­ing of politics and government is either essential or desir­able.

To promote their career goals, students often combine their political science major with a minor or major in business, international studies, justice studies, communica­tion, biology, geography, economics or modern language and literatures. Political Science provides valuable insights into the function­ing of government and politics (locally, nationally and globally) which also serve as excellent preparation for further graduate or professional education.

The Political Science program at Pittsburg State University offers courses in American Politics and Government, Constitutional Law and Judicial Process, Political Philosophy, International Relations, and Comparative Politics.

Political Science programs are part of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences department. The programs provide high-quality instruction to students in ways that emphasize active learning, problem solving, and critical thinking through transformative experiences. 

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