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Undergraduate Degree

Pittsburg State University's Bachelor of Science in Geography major focuses on the elements of geography that are most critical in today's society. Students in this program have the opportunity to study in the following areas:

  • Environmental Geography
  • Urban Planning & Community Development
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Our geography students acquire superior skills in critical thinking and analysis, dynamic communication, computer usage, and analysis in a number of software areas. We strive to keep students on the cutting edge of technology. These technological skills, critical thinking skills, and the overall applied nature of a geography education provide students with abilities that are in demand at public and private agencies. Students also gain the expert knowledge and training they need to pursue admission to graduate programs, if that is part of their career plan.

As a graduate of this program, you will be qualified to work in the following roles, and more:

  • Urban planner & developer
  • GIS specialist
  • Sustainability & environmental impact evaluator
  • Transportation infrastructure worker

About History, Philosophy, and Social Department

Pittsburg State University’s Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences consists of those specialties that have emerged as so desirable in the 21st Century labor force. Top corporations are looking for career-oriented employees, people who can thrive in ambiguity and chaos, who think outside the box, who can shift gears quickly and competently, and who, most importantly, can work with other people of every conceivable background, locally or internationally.

Students who want to crafting a solid foundation for a rich career and a satisfying existence that draws its knowledge about people from data and research should pursue a history degree.

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