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The Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation offers a Dance minor for Pittsburg State University students. The Dance minor also results in a Certificate in Dance upon completion of the coursework. Many students with an interest in Dance are selecting it as a minor to complement their chosen majors.

Dance is an approved minor for the Recreation degree emphases areas of Recreation Administration and Community/Corporate/Hospital Wellness.

Dance certification

The Certificate in Dance is available to both degree- and non-degree-seeking students with an interest in dance.


As a Dance student, you will participate in activity-based classes and hands-on learning opportunities, both of which will prepare you for the application of dance in employment settings.

After completing your Dance minor, you will have the knowledge and ability to work in the following positions and fields:

  • Community and commercial dance program instructors
  • Dance facilitators and directors
  • Dance sponsors and coaches in school settings
  • Theatre
  • Dance studio operators
  • Competitive studio dancing
  • Performance
  • Competitions and camps
  • Choreography and costumes

Dance opportunities at Pittsburg State

If your love for dance leaves you wanting even more experience, there are further opportunities you may pursue while taking classes:

  • PSU Dance Club
  • Dance Appreciation Class
  • PSU Swing Dance
  • Various dance studios in the Pittsburg community
  • Performing in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts
  • Classes available to enhance skills students may have in ballet, tap and jazz

About Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Department

The Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation (HHPR) is located in the new Student Recreation Center. The HHPR faculty possess a wide array of specializations. The department offers undergraduate degree programs in Exercise Science, Recreation, and Physical Education, a minor and certificate in Dance, as well as a graduate program in HHPR. Within each of the degree programs, are emphases/concentration areas from which students select the professional paths that best fit their needs. Exercise Science and Recreation meet requirements for the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP), which is a tuition discount program for non-resident students to attend Pittsburg State University. Students who have been selected to receive the MSEP discount will be charged 150 percent of resident tuition rates. Residents from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin are eligible.

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