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In the dynamic global business of graphic communications, today’s graduate needs both a broad-based skill set and an in-depth understanding of digital media, design, graphics management, print output, packaging and web/interactive media. Our program combines theory and critical thinking with practical applications to the world of graphic communications. With a choice of six different areas of emphasis, this major is flexible and allows individuals to choose their emphasis to fit their own strengths and interests.  

Our program’s curriculum accurately reflects the needs and growth opportunities in the field of graphic communications. Through class assignments, technology training, internship opportunities, and capstone class experiences, students learn from experienced faculty and industry experts to become proficient in one of the world’s biggest industries–the world of graphics.

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The amazing pace of technological innovation continues to transform the graphic communications industry. Today’s companies and organizations require dynamic graphic communications leaders to take advantage of the expanding opportunities available; the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies’, Graphic Communications major is designed to prepare students for these opportunities. Our program’s classes cover a multitude of graphics related careers, allowing students interested in many areas of graphics, from the artistic to business side, to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen emphasis.  

The Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies has a proven history that spans over 100 years. GIT graduates have the advantage of completing one of the most innovative and comprehensive Graphic Communications programs in the country.

Capstone classes

For a creative experience students take Senior Project for their capstone class. In this class students create a large scale campaign, which may include print, web, video, photography, or interactive projects.

Instead of Senior Project, production minded students take Production Graphics. In this class students will work on actual projects that are produced for clients inside the College of Technology.


Every student in the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies completes a 320 hour, supervised internship. The internship provides students with invaluable, real-world experiences that are difficult, if not impossible, to recreate in the classroom. 

Clubs and organizations

The Iota Chapter of Gamma Epsilon
 (GET) is an honors fraternity open by invitation only to graphics majors and minors maintaining a minimum of 3.25 GPA. They complete service activities for the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies.

The purpose of Graphic Arts
 (GAC) is the study and evaluation of new developments in the graphic arts industry. The club is open to all PSU students and enjoys activities such as industry tours, attending conferences, and community service projects using their graphics skill sets.

Prospects for graduates

The degree offered by GIT highlights our strong connections to the graphic communications industry. We make it a priority to nurture our professional network for the benefit of students and the school. Our students have achieved leadership positions at some of the best graphics businesses in the world, in the fields of advertising, marketing, printing, customer relations, sales, design and production. 


The Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies at Pittsburg State University undergraduate program requires no additional documentation, other than that required by the University for general admission. For detailed information on admission requirements visit:

Financial aid

By combining a quality education with an affordable price, Pittsburg State University offers an exceptional value compared to other universities–for both in and out-of-state students. Keeping tuition costs down is just one of the ways we make Pitt State affordable for a wide range of families.

Financial aid is also available on a need-based or merit basis. Visit our Affordability web page,, to find out about our flat rate tuition plan that lets you add extra credit hours for no additional cost.


In addition to University and other scholarships available, each year GIT awards 20 or more departmental scholarships. To apply for those and to find more information and opportunities contact our main office, 620-235-4419 or email Donna Martin,

For transfer students

The Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies offers a Bachelors of Applied Science in Technology with an emphasis in Print and Digital Media. This degree is offered for anyone who has completed an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from a participating community college or technical college. Eligible students are guaranteed their credit hours will transfer to PSU.


About Graphics and Imaging Technologies Department

The B.S.T. in Graphic Communications is a 120-credit Graphic Communications Degree that can be completed in four years of full-time study. Students are asked to declare one of the following areas of emphasis: Digital Media, Graphic Design, Graphics Management, Print Media, Packaging Graphics, or Web/Interactive Media.

All six areas of emphasis within the Graphic Communications program share a core curriculum, classes necessary for the field of graphic communications. In addition to these classes, each of the six distinct areas have specific emphasis and support courses, to round out the major, as well as elective graphics classes, allowing students to customize their degree.

The curriculum offered by the GIT department is under constant review and is always updated to ensure students get exposure to contemporary changes in this dynamic field.

A message from the Chair (February 22, 2021):

On Friday, February 19, 2021, Pittsburg State University issued a news release titled "University makes recommendations on future of programs". This article was also released by the Morning Sun newspaper. The article provides information on recommendations to the Kansas Board of Regents for continuation and discontinuation of programs at Pittsburg State University.

In the article, a number of programs are listed as being discontinued by the university. The first program listed is Graphic Design. There has been some confusion and concern about this listing and how this affects the current Graphic Design emphasis and the Graphics and Imaging Technologies department (GIT) at PSU.

The Graphic Design program being discontinued is the former Commercial Graphics degree that has not be offered for many years. In 2010, the degree offerings in the GIT department were consolidated from two separate majors into one major with multiple emphasis areas. Students who began under the old Commercial Graphics major were allowed to graduate as a Commercial Graphics major. No new students began this degree after 2011. Now that all students have graduated under the old Commercial Graphics major, this major is being discontinued. The Graphic Design referenced in the article was an internal code used for the Commercial Graphics major and is no longer being used, which is why it is being discontinued.

The current Graphic Design emphasis and all emphasis areas and degree offerings in the Graphics and Imaging Technologies department are strong, vital parts of the total degree offerings at PSU and have been recommended for continuation by the administration. There is no discussion in any form of reducing, eliminating, or discontinuing the current degree offerings within the Graphics and Imaging Technologies department.

The GIT department serves over 150 majors and 70 minors with a 95% placement rate for our graduates. The GIT faculty are dedicated to developing new courses and curriculum to provide relevant educational experiences that meet the needs of the graphics industry. In 2018, the Graphic Communications degree was fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications.

For more information about this article or additional information about the current Graphics and Imaging Technologies degree offerings, please contact Doug Younger, GIT Interim Chair at or at 620-235-4420.


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