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A Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in language provides students with a broad base of knowledge in the English language. Coursework is designed to ensure successful students are proficient in cross-cultural communication and composition.

Students in this emphasis will have access to a wide variety of English courses to suit their needs. Classes available to these students include Advanced Composition, Literature for Middle and Secondary Schools, and Techniques for Teaching English. This emphasis also has a complementary minor—known as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)—which is highly recommended.

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Diversity and openness are some of the most important values that we treasure here in the English Program. As such, we have developed this major specifically designed towards students who have studied English as a second language. Our diverse staff of English instructors will guide students who wish to eventually find careers in English, or even those students who wish to just further their foundation in the English language.


English degree graduates can be found in nearly every career field due, in part, to their robust writing and spoken communication skills, ability to critically analyze situations and develop cohesive solutions to complicated problems.

Students who choose the language emphasis are most likely to teach English as a Second Language overseas or teach non-English speakers in the United States.

Other possible careers include:

  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Many More

About English and Modern Languages Department

The Department of English and Modern Languages offers baccalaureate degrees and a master’s degree program. B.A. programs are offered in English and in Modern Languages. A Bachelor of Science in Education and a master’s program are also offered in English. The department offers minors in English, English Teaching, Creative Writing, French, Professional Writing, and Spanish.

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