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There are few careers more fulfilling than that of an educator. A Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with a Major in English will train aspiring teachers to effectively teach English at the middle school and secondary level.

In the English Program, we take pride in our ability to educate those who can educate a younger generation. At Pitt State, we believe that the key to forging a better future is to prepare in the present; so, we equip and train our students to, in turn, pass their knowledge of English on to a new generation.


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Students will learn from professionals who have experience in the middle and secondary classroom setting. Our program has been designed specifically for future English teachers. In addition to courses in language, literature, and writing, students earning a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in English will also take classes in teaching methodologies, psychology, and professional education. This curriculum provides students with the skill sets they’ll need to successfully teach language, literature, and writing to the next generation of leaders.

Great teachers must be effective classroom managers.  Pittsburg State requires every B.S.E. student to put their knowledge to the test in front of the classroom. This field experience complements the departmental methods courses, and, ultimately results in a more successful graduate. Students spend their final semester teaching under the supervision of an experienced, licensed teacher.

Students choosing to earn a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with a Major in English are focused on a career in education. In order to help boost their career choice, most students complete a master’s degree in English or education.

Other possible careers include:

  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Many More

About English and Modern Languages Department

The Department of English and Modern Languages offers baccalaureate degrees and a master’s degree program. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs are offered in English and in Modern Languages. A Bachelor of Science in Education and a master’s program are also offered in English. The department offers minors in English, English Teaching, Creative Writing, French, Professional Writing, and Spanish.

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