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The Department of Economics, Finance and Banking at Pittsburg State University offers a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in business economics along with a minor in business economics. The purpose of the business economics major and minor are to enable our graduates to enhance their ability to analyze data and make decisions in today’s complex and global economic environment. Economics is a decision-making discipline that can improve an individual’s ability to make judgments regarding corporate, governmental, and/or personal situations in a logical and efficient manner.

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There are many great and unique aspects of earning a degree at Pittsburg State University and our business economics degree is no exception. One highlight is our student-focused, internationally diverse and accomplished faculty with a broad mix of specializations. Another is our focus on hands-on learning where we emphasize one of our PSU core values of “by doing learn” throughout our program. Our business economics majors apply their knowledge by conducting research as part of their upper-level coursework and compete in PSU’s Undergraduate Research Colloquium. By developing a question to explore; designing a research plan to gather data, analyze that data, and reach conclusions; develop a written report to communicate the results, and presenting the results to faculty our students move beyond the lecture environment to being able to extend their education to real-world situations. Our upper-level courses also have a low student-to-faculty ratio allowing students to get extensive interaction with the faculty and become more than just a face in a classroom.

Another highlight of our business economics major and minor programs at PSU is how well they fit with other BBA degrees from the Kelce College of Business. As our majors share the same core of broader business courses, adding a second major is often a matter of five to eight additional courses (depending on the combination). The economics minor is only a matter of three additional courses for someone earning a BBA degree from the Kelce College of Business. This makes it convenient to broaden your knowledge base and credentials which will not only improve your resume but also open more potential career opportunities. We encourage all of our Kelce students to explore double major and minor opportunities.

Business economics majors have career opportunities across a wide variety of occupations. Economists work in corporations as market analysts to help evaluate production opportunities and pricing strategies. They also have opportunities in management due to their strong decision-making skills and ability to consider both micro and macroeconomic issues on the firm’s strategies. Economists have careers in banking at both the individual bank level as well as the bank regulation and supervision level. There are many economists employed by government agencies and consulting firms to help evaluate both the overall state of the economy as well as the impact of specific policy decisions. Several economics majors go on to graduate school to pursue careers in law and education as well. Economics is a discipline with a broad base of career paths due to its focus on decision-making and analysis as these skill sets translate well throughout the workplace.

About Economics, Finance, and Banking Program

If a major in finance at Pittsburg State University sounds like the opportunity for you, we encourage you to contact us for more information and come visit us at the Department of Economics, Finance and Banking. Our faculty enjoy the opportunity to visit with prospective students and look forward to talking about the transformational experiences that you can take part in while pursuing your education with us.

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