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A Major in Computer Information Systems involves the study and analysis of an organization's information and the design of an information gathering and processing system using computers. Students will focus on computing, computer science, and other information systems.

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Pittsburg State University offers students in the Computer Information System program two distinct emphasis areas: Information Assurance and Computer Security and System Design.

Information Assurance and Computer Security Emphasis

Information Assurance and Computer Security deal with the increasing need to provide for the protection of information that is stored and processed by computer systems and communicated using modern communication networks.

The basis for the program begins with an understanding of the role of information in contemporary society, the technological means to store, transmit, and generate information, and the importance of assuring that information will be accurate, confidential and available.

System Design Emphasis

The System Design program at Pittsburg State University draws upon the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program to provide the environmental awareness of the role of information in the firm and combine it with the Information Systems program that provides a solid technological foundation that prepares the student for careers in computer programming, system design and analysis, database programming and administration, and information technology support.

Program graduates are qualified for many roles including:

  • Industry programmer
  • Information technology support specialists
  • Programmer
  • Computer System Analyst
  • Computer Information System Manager
  • Computer Information System Operator
  • Database Administrator
  • Network and Computer System Administrator
  • And many more

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