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The number of college students pursuing STEM careers is increasing in the United States and to facilitate this, teachers are needed at all levels of education. To prepare students for careers in chemistry education, the Chemistry Department at Pittsburg State University offers a four-year Chemistry Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with a Major in Chemistry. Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the reactivity, structure, and properties of atoms and molecules that compose the material and living world around us. 

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Chemistry Education at Pittsburg State University combines the benefits of a regional university with the vital need to prepare chemistry teachers in order to meet demand.

Schools and institutions of higher learning are looking for credentialed teachers. If you enjoy working with people, have an enthusiasm for science and the ability to inspire students, are a creative thinker, and are adept at problem solving, this degree will provide you with all of the skills to be successful.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified for a variety of positions in education, including, not not limited to:

  • K-12 Science Teacher
  • College Laboratory Assistant
  • Adjunct College Professor

About Chemistry Department

         2020 Student Award Recipients

2020 Student Awards

The Only American Chemical Society Approved Department Within 90 Miles of Pittsburg, KS

One of only three undergraduate programs in Polymer Chemistry in the U.S.A.

Pittsburg State's Department of Chemistry prepares students for careers in science, chemical engineering, pharmacy, or chemistry teaching through Departmental degree programs, pre-engineering, teacher education, and other University programs that require rigorous training in chemistry. It offers eight Bachelor of Science Degrees, two Master of Science Degrees and two minors.           

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