Career & Technical Education Programs

The Technical Teacher Education (TTED) program at Pittsburg State University (PSU), along with the Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education (KCCTE), strives to provide quality opportunities in the development and growth of competent Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers. The coursework is specifically geared toward assisting CTE teachers in acquiring their professional education skills and credentials.

Program Overview

A variety of degree programs are offered through the Technical Teacher Education department. Courses are offered as mediated (online), hybrid, and face-to-face during a five-year rotation schedule allowing teachers to complete a certificate or degree as a working professional. Technical Teacher Education courses are available in Pittsburg, Salina, and Kansas City.

At Pittsburg State University, Career & Technical Education Programs are managed from Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education (KCCTE).


Undergraduate Programs

Graduate School Programs

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